What does a divinatory draw of the dominos reveal?

Few people know dominos, these small white and black tiles, are also divinatory tools. Yes indeed, dominos have been used since the dawn of time to interrogate the future. But what are the answers we can get?

Dominos as divination tools

They first appeared in Europe – coming from China, where they saw the light of day 4 centuries earlier – in the 18th century. It seems dominos have always had a divinatory purpose.

There are nowadays two main methods to perform a domino draw:

  1. Mix up the domino tiles in a bag. Plunge your hand in it and take 3 tiles out of it before you spread them in front of you to interpret them.
  2. Set all the domino tiles (there are 28 in all) before you on a table, face down, and turn over the 3 tiles that we will interpret later on.

Whatever the method used, know that you should not expect a clear answer to a specific question such as: “What should I do to get a promotion?” the answer will not be unequivocal such as “yes” or “no”.

By interrogating the dominos, you will get a general trend – whether favorable or unfavorable –, indications about a context that may be propitious – or not – to the action you contemplate.

Your questions and the interpretation of the divinatory dominos

Before you perform a domino draw, focus on the matter that preoccupies you most, on the project you contemplate or simply on the area of your life you want to assess.

Here are a few examples of things dominos could help you clarify:

  • Is this period favorable for purchasing things?
  • Will my emotional life evolve in a positive manner?
  • How do things shape up as far as my professional activity is concerned this month?
  • Is my relation with such person beneficial to me?
  • Etc.

As far as these cases are concerned, you will be able to get a broad overview of the answer to the question that worries you:

  • The first domino tile always represents your current situation.
  • the other two give indications about future prospects:
    • the second domino represents the near future
    • and the third one represents the more distant future.

    What dominos are favorable?

    Each tile has a specific interpretation, depending on the number of dots:

  • The most unfavorable tile is that whose value is 0-0 (it should be a taken as a warning regarding the question that preoccupies you).
  • The most favorable tile is 6-6 (good omen par excellence). It points to wealth, success and plenitude to come. If this tile is part of your draw, you can relax because everything is looking extremely good for you.

Author: Igor Leroy

In parallel to my psychology studies, I developed a fascination for the symbolic dimension of tarot reading. I was lucky enough to be trained by a famous reader, and I gained a solid expertise in the world of tarot, and more generally in the various supports for divination. Today, it allows me to quickly decipher the messages hidden within the arcana, and within other clairvoyance tools as well. I have been writing articles on 7-astrostreet for several months now, in order to share my passion with a large audience.

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