The powers of your third eye

The third eye is invisible to… the naked eye! This is an inner eye located between your eyebrows. It is also called “eye of the soul” or “eye of knowledge”. It enables people to gain access to high spiritual knowledge and the awakening of their extrasensory abilities. Acknowledged by many traditions, it leads to ultimate self-awareness and to the greatest human truths. It can also bring about higher states of consciousness.

What is the 3rd eye?

The third eye notion has been popularized by the rise of Eastern religions – mainly Buddhism and Hinduism – where it is omnipresent and very significant. In Hinduism, the third eye is precisely located at the level of the sixth chakra called Ajna chakra or chakra of ultimate knowledge, which is located between the eyebrows. Chakras are invisible energy centers placed along the backbone. The knowledge they enable people to attain has nothing to do with an accumulation of information through a teaching process. This knowledge is not book-based but intuitive.

The second door

In the Upanishads, one of the most sacred books in Hinduism, it is said that Man possesses ten doors. The first nine ones (the eyes, the two ears, the mouth, the navel, the nose, the anus and the bladder) grant access to the outside world of the senses. The tenth door, which is imperceptible to the human eye, is the third eye. It opens the door to inner spiritual knowledge.

In Hinduism, one of the goals in life is to manage to open this tenth door because it is the most important one for our spiritual evolution.

In Hinduism, the third eye is often shown as a dot you symbolically draw above the root of nose. It often appears on the forehead of married women. In India, it is called “bindi” or “tilak”.

In Buddhism, the third eye is also the eye of supreme knowledge. It is often represented by a point on the forehead of Buddha’s statues as well as on the forehead of great Buddhism teachers to show that they have attained Ultimate Knowledge, also called Awakening or Nirvana.

The third eye notion can also be found in Taoism, which is an old Chinese religion. There are ways to awaken it.

Access to the highest teachings

Opening the third eye grants immediate access to the most secret spiritual teachings in the world. No need to spend years studying to acquire this information. In order to gain access to the subtle knowledge that explains all the great secrets of the universe, you just need to open it through adequate ways. Awakening the third eye also makes it possible to see beyond material reality, and gain instantaneous access to the past and future… whether it is your past or future or that of other beings.



Author: Olivia Serra

"A happy life is when you are in harmony with your own nature". I am a self-help coach, and I have kept that simple sentence in mind to really hear and feel empathy toward anyone who is suffering, to help them improve themselves. The Internet is a wonderful tool that now allows me to share my knowledge with you through articles dealing with meditation, self-improvement, and more generally with well-being.

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