The Astrological Wheel tarot spread

You have most likely already seen a Tarot de Marseille deck, or even performed a card reading. As such, you know that this is a tool for divination that can be used by anyone with a sincere interest. But have you heard about the complex spread called the “Astrological Wheel”?

The astrological wheel, a tarot spread with a wealth of information

This is different from other spreads. You only use the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot de Marseille. Then, you need to combine the meaning of the 22 Major Arcana (or Trumps) with the meaning of the 12 houses of the horoscope that correspond to the 12 signs of the zodiac.

These are the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot

  • I Le bateleur (The Mountebank)
  • II La papesse (The Papess)
  • III L’impératrice (The Empress)
  • IV L’empereur (The Emperor)
  • V Le pape (The Pope)
  • VI L’amoureux (The Lovers)
  • VII Le chariot (The Chariot)
  • VIII La justice (Justice)
  • XIX L’Hermite (The Hermit)
  • X La roue de fortune (The Wheel of Fortune)
  • XI La force (Strength)
  • XII Le pendu (The Hanged Man)
  • XIII La mort, l’arcane sans nom (Death, or the Unnamed)
  • XIV La tempérance (Temperance)
  • XV Le diable (The Devil)
  • XVI La maison Dieu (The House of God)
  • XVII L’étoile (The Star)
  • XVIII La lune (The Moon)
  • XIX Le soleil (The Sun)
  • XX Le jugement (Judgment)
  • XXI Le monde (The World)
  • Le Mat-Fou (The Fool, which is the only Arcanum without a number)

The 12 houses of the horoscope

The 12 houses composing the astrological wheel match the 12 major aspects of life of each and every one of us:

  • 1st House: Personality, actions and thoughts
  • 2nd House: Money and finances
  • 3rd House: People close to you
  • 4th House: Family and home
  • 5th House: Love and inner life
  • 6th House: Work, responsibilities, daily life
  • 7th House: Contracts and alliances
  • 8th House: Passions
  • 9th House: Spirituality and also journeys
  • 10th House: Career
  • 11th House: Friends and social interactions
  • 12th House: Obstacles

This tarot spread draws its strength both from astrology and from the tarot (both millennia-old art forms).

Is the astrological wheel spread a good fit for you?

This tarot spread is ideal for you if you are a zodiac and astrological themes enthusiast, and you feel a connection with the Tarot de Marseille.
It is a genuine and very comprehensive oracle, unveiling a lot of information about any current situation and about any obstacle that might arise on your path.
But be careful, just like any other Tarot spread, this divinatory tool must not replace your free will. Granted, it will offer some keys to understand your future, but the decision to walk on one path or the other should entirely be your own.
As such, you will never receive a clear-cut answer from the Astrological Wheel, because destiny will always respect your free will. Also, do not try to “test” the Astrological Wheel with questions that are nothing but curiosity (like “When will it snow for the first time this year?” or “Why does he or she do this or that?”)
The Astrological Wheel is not a way to have fun, you should take it seriously and strive to interpret the meaning of its arcana as best as you can.
Of course, if you have never done a Tarot reading before, it would be best to rely on an experienced person. He or she will most likely know the fine details of the Astrological Wheel and might help you to draw precious information from it.

Author: Igor Leroy

In parallel to my psychology studies, I developed a fascination for the symbolic dimension of tarot reading. I was lucky enough to be trained by a famous reader, and I gained a solid expertise in the world of tarot, and more generally in the various supports for divination. Today, it allows me to quickly decipher the messages hidden within the arcana, and within other clairvoyance tools as well. I have been writing articles on 7-astrostreet for several months now, in order to share my passion with a large audience.

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