Divination by tarot

Most captivating, tarot card decks are truly fascinating to Human beings. With their symbolism, these cards have a strong divinatory value that yields precise and trustworthy predictions,provided that you perfectly know how to use them. 

Where does divinatory tarot come from?

Using the tarot as a support for divination is nothing new! This was already common usage by the time of the Great Pyramids. About that, the legend says that the Egyptian god Thoth supposedly offered the tarot to humans as a gift, using engravings. Moses, who received his initiation from great priests, shared that knowledge with his people during his escape from Egypt. It is possible to draw a parallel between what would come to be called the 22 arcana and the 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet.

However, the word Tarot only appeared much later during the Renaissance, in Italy, where they were called “Tarocchi”. Indeed, from a historical perspective, the first tarot decks appeared in the 15th century.

cartomancie tarot de marseille

How do you perform divination using a tarot deck?   

This deck is first and foremost an allegorical representation of the visible and invisible worlds / the material and the spiritual. It shows us what lies hidden within us, but also around us. This initiatory tool relies on strong symbolism, integrating every psychological and spiritual aspect of human beings, and of the terrestrial and celestial worlds.

All these dimensions are relevant to the rules of tarot, which explains how it became such a major divination tool these days. Most of the time, only the 22 major arcana of the Tarot de Marseille are used for divination. It is performed by drawing one, three, or even seven tarot cards. There are other methods that can offer some predictions like the Celtic cross spread for instance.