The Lovers Card in the Tarot of Marseille

The aesthetic aspect of the cards of the Tarot of Marseille may lead to think that they are quite simple. But thinking this way would amount to underestimating the formidable divination tool called Tarot of Marseille. The mysteries and secrets it holds abound. The Lovers card is proof of this.

How is the Lovers card pictured in the Tarot?

This Tarot card depicts 4 characters. In the middle, the one that takes center stage is represented by a blond man standing up straight on his two bare feet. He is surrounded by two women:

  • to his right, there is a woman pictured from the side. Her blue hair is topped with a yellow crown. Her attitude seems to be austere and withdrawn. Everything suggests that she embodies the mother of the young man.
  • to his left, a blond woman is standing full face. With one hand, she points at the young man’s heart. Her other hand is placed on her lower abdomen. She certainly embodies the young man’s lover.

An angel, Cupid, is pictured above these three characters – right above the young man, to be more specific.


What does this arcanum mean? 

The Lovers embodies the difficulty to make choices and take responsibility for them. This arcanum makes us face our own contradictions. It invites us to make a choice and take a stance in order to attain some coherence, some kind of balance. In the Tarot of Marseille, this arcanum calls on our own responsibilities, that of evolving, developing our free will and becoming independent.

This Tarot Card illustrates what life is all about through its multiple characters and the links that bind them together: encounters and choices to make.

Cupid also plays an important role. His arrow is aimed at The Male Lover: should we understand that, if we follow our hearts, we will make the right choice?

Positive aspects of the Lovers Card in the Tarot of Marseille

  • Freedom of choice
  • Balance
  • Contact
  • Discussion
  • Love
  • Social relationships
  • Responsibilities
  • Beauty

Negative aspects of this card 

  • Indecision
  • Instability
  • Rivalry
  • Cowardice
  • Inconsistency
  • Jealousy

Author: Igor Leroy

In parallel to my psychology studies, I developed a fascination for the symbolic dimension of tarot reading. I was lucky enough to be trained by a famous reader, and I gained a solid expertise in the world of tarot, and more generally in the various supports for divination. Today, it allows me to quickly decipher the messages hidden within the arcana, and within other clairvoyance tools as well. I have been writing articles on 7-astrostreet for several months now, in order to share my passion with a large audience.

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