Libra, the astrological sign of October

The Libra sign is the seventh of the zodiac. It belongs to those who were born between September 23 and October 23. This sign is related to the Air. It is governed by the planet Venus. The colors that are in vibratory harmony with this sign are blue and violet.  

The Libra zodiac sign: an open and sociable personality

signe-balanceAs its name suggests, people of this sign look for some kind of balance. Often torn between two or more desires, future perspectives or ways to see things, those born under this sign take the time they need to scrupulously analyze a situation before coming to a decision.

Libra people hardly stand solitude. They need to be in touch with others and lead a busy social life. Their near and dear ones extremely appreciate them because they are pleasant and cheerful. Libra people are often endowed with a sharp artistic sense.

Libra people’s qualities

Libras have a sharp mind and a keen sense of observation. They are funny, always pleasant and affable people.

They attach great importance to harmony, whether in their home, at work or somewhere else. They will usually do everything they can to preserve this harmony.

They cultivate their acumen, have great tastes and know how to appreciate elegance in every field. This is one of the reasons why they always give good advice (advice that they always take great pleasure in giving out).

Libra people’s shortcomings

Although they are far from having the oversized ego of Leo people, Libras attach importance to social recognition. They use all possible means to please the majority of people.

This certainly explains why people of this astrological sign sometimes lack firmness and find it hard to make up their mind on their own. They are reproached for being easily swayed and even being hypocrites! But, Libra people do not deem these hesitations to be weaknesses but rather proofs of flexibility.

Libras find it hard to take up a stance as far as conflicts or even common differences of opinion are concerned. Therefore, they need to work on these aspects so as to learn to better assume their opinions and develop their inner self.

Author: Michel Mas

"The royal art of the stars” has been a passion of mine since I was a child. I started to study astrology about fifteen years ago. I found astrology to be a very efficient and astonishingly lively instrument to provide us with understanding of the core dynamics of human beings. After offering personalized consultations in my practice for 10 long years, today I write horoscopes and online articles.

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