How to remember your dreams

We spend almost half of our life dreaming, in addition to all the time spent thinking about some project or a better life. This is about the dream world, the one you enter every night, and come back from in the morning, sometimes without any memory of the trip. This might be vexing when you wake up, because our unconscious mind is sharing so many things with you in your dreams that it can be frustrating not to remember what you have just dreamed. Here is a technique that might help you memorize your dreams.

Dreaming as a tool for divination

Brilliant societies like Imperial China, Egypt in the time of the Pharaohs, Ancient Greece, or Ancient Rome all used dreaming as a tool for divination in order to predict the future. It can be:

  • a vector for spiritual enlightenment,
  • a key to access the realms beyond,
  • a treasure trove of signs to change your present and shape your future.

Likewise, many popular customs and spiritual paths have always claimed that dreams have a meaning that can help us improve our daily existence.

Nowadays, many people are concerned about their dreams, try to remember them and use them in their day-to-day life. From the Senoi in Malaysia to the Aboriginal Australians and Native Americans, many cultures have integrated dreams into their daily preoccupations. In the East, Buddhism also has dream yoga practices.

Technique to remember your dreams

A dream usually encounters a particular obstacle preventing you from using it more commonly in everyday life: its extreme volatility. Indeed, it can often be hard to remember your dreams.

In order to improve their memorization, you need to gradually train yourself. Ideally, you should start one morning when you have nothing else to worry about but to remember your dreams.

You should favor a natural way to wake up, to prevent any rude awakening. Once you are awake, do not change your position, or slowly roll on your back with your eyes closed.

Then immediately try to remember a specific element of your dream. Once you have “caught” it, follow the thread of your dream and try to puzzle it back together with as many details as you can.

A few days later, you will have the ability to remember many dreams quite clearly. Write them down if possible. These unintentional fantasies might already teach you a lot about yourself. Then, you can move on to the practice of lucid dreaming.

Author: Olivia Serra

"A happy life is when you are in harmony with your own nature". I am a self-help coach, and I have kept that simple sentence in mind to really hear and feel empathy toward anyone who is suffering, to help them improve themselves. The Internet is a wonderful tool that now allows me to share my knowledge with you through articles dealing with meditation, self-improvement, and more generally with well-being.

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