How to have lucid dreams

The oneiric world is a formidable means to access our subconscious, one that is used in many self-help methods. That is where our hidden capabilities lie. What would you say to being able to remember your dreams, to having your mind become conscious while you sleep and being able to have the dreams you want at will? This is the amazing opportunity lucid dreams offer you!

What are lucid dreams?

Lucid dreams enable us to switch our consciousness on while we sleep. This possibility has been used since time immemorial to improve life and find solutions to problems. Thanks to them, it is possible to make use of the formidable resources of the night so as to change your life and control your dreams at will.

    Understanding and interpreting your dreams

Besides the fact that dreams can easily be forgotten, dreams’ contents are not always obvious and clear in our minds, once we wake up.

Dreams often have a logic that is quite far removed from our usual reasoning. The subconscious that expresses itself through them works in its own ways. It often refers to symbols that are not always easy to interpret.

Dreams, which had almost been forgotten since the Middle Ages, were finally restored their rightful place at the very end of the 19th century after Freud’s famous work called “The Interpretation of Dreams” was published in 1899. It did however not make dreams’ meaning any easier to grasp. Fortunately, Leon d’Hervey de Saint-Denys had made lucid dreams’ contents more accessible in the middle of the 19th century, and – above all – had described how to induce lucid dreaming at will.

How to have a lucid dream

Having a lucid dream consists in becoming aware that you are dreaming while you sleep and, above all, in having the dreams you want.

 Controlling your dreams is less complicated than it may seem. It does not take long to master the technique and preparations are simple. So where is the problem? In your mind.

You first have to accept the fact that dreams are an important element in the evolution of your life. When you are convinced of this, much of the work will already have been done. Learning and mastering lucid dreams will then be child’s play.

    The lucid-dream technique

Recalling your dreams is indispensable to be able to master them. To that end, I invite you to consult this article.

Now, I invite you to test a simple method to have lucid dreams. Here it is:

  • In the evening, favor a light meal without alcohol or coffee.
  • Make sure you are in a proper state of relaxation – do not put this into practice after a stressful day.
  • Go to bed quietly, lie on your back and relax.
  • With your eyes still closed, assert your desire to have a lucid dream during the coming night. Repeat – with conviction and several times until you fall asleep – a sentence such as: “tonight, I will have a lucid dream!”
  • At daybreak, remember your dream under the circumstances already described to recall your dreams. Write it down.

Small tip: to speed up the coming of your lucid dream, it is advised that you express – just before you fall asleep – the desire you want to fulfill while you sleep, for instance:

  • “I want to fly”,
  • “I want to travel to this specific place”,
  • “I want to meet this one person”,
  • “I want to solve this specific problem”.

Author: Olivia Serra

"A happy life is when you are in harmony with your own nature". I am a self-help coach, and I have kept that simple sentence in mind to really hear and feel empathy toward anyone who is suffering, to help them improve themselves. The Internet is a wonderful tool that now allows me to share my knowledge with you through articles dealing with meditation, self-improvement, and more generally with well-being.

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