Freemasonry is the generic word encompassing various spiritual belief systems that can be traced back to Hiram. He was one of the architects who built the Temple of Solomon, king of Israel and son of David. Freemasonry appeared in its current shape in Scotland in 1598. Then, this secret movement spread all over Europe under various names. Freemasonry is ritual-based. You can only become a Mason through cooptation, which means you need to be introduced by someone who is already a Mason.

Author: Michel Mas

"The royal art of the stars” has been a passion of mine since I was a child. I started to study astrology about fifteen years ago. I found astrology to be a very efficient and astonishingly lively instrument to provide us with understanding of the core dynamics of human beings. After offering personalized consultations in my practice for 10 long years, today I write horoscopes and online articles.

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