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Chinese medicine has used Acupuncture for more than 5,000 years. It is based on the Chi principle, the universal energy running through the whole world, and on the complementarity between Yin and Yang.

For someone to be in good health, Yin (feminine principle) and yang (masculine principle) must be balanced. Imbalances between Yin and Yang lie at the root of illnesses and loss of vitality, among others.

Chi contributes to the balance between the two. It flows along the meridians, which channel this energy. These meridians are invisible to the naked eye and follow, more or less, the same pathway as the nervous system.

Acupuncture makes use of needles applied to some specific parts of the meridians to restore the harmonious circulation of Chi throughout the body.



Author: Olivia Serra

"A happy life is when you are in harmony with your own nature". I am a self-help coach, and I have kept that simple sentence in mind to really hear and feel empathy toward anyone who is suffering, to help them improve themselves. The Internet is a wonderful tool that now allows me to share my knowledge with you through articles dealing with meditation, self-improvement, and more generally with well-being.

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