Weekly horoscope : Taurus

From Monday 10th December 2018 to Sunday 16th December 2018


The Sun's departure from your sign on Thursday will bring your birthday month to an end and all the planetary activity in your sign, making the early days of the week and especially Monday's New Moon a time for committing to the journey ahead. With so much water having passed under the bridge over recent months and a clear sense of what you want from the future, what excites you and plenty of ideas on the table, this is the point where the real journey begins. Yet even before the Sun leaves and returns to your income sector on Thursday the money gods are awake, with Mercury's retrograde turn on Tuesday opening the door to second chances, while Mars continues to attack glass ceilings in your way. Financial tension can be used as motivation as income, work and career forces come together.


This week has it all, with a mix of opportunities and challenges that will keep you on your toes. No sooner have you moved on from an opposition between income and financial forces over the weekend than you're due for even more this week when first the Moon and then the Sun return to your income sector. Yet on both fronts this is pushing the right buttons and creating the right wakeup calls at the right time. With Saturn moving into his final 4 weeks in your financial sector on Monday this will ensure you're not asleep at the wheel, whereas with Mars in your income sector, Mercury turning retrograde here on Tuesday, the Sun returning on Thursday and the doors opening to new opportunities and second chances, this is the kind of pressure that could lead to a real breakthrough.


Monday's New Moon, in the final days of your birthday month not only gives you a chance to commit to your new solar year and the journey ahead, but to being true to yourself. With Saturn returning to your relationship sector next month and major romantic developments midyear you're moving into a solar year that is set to have big implications on both fronts, yet the key to knowing what you want from love and your relationships is first being true to yourself. With your birthday month ending on Thursday choose to put yourself first, trusting that if you're on the most authentic path possible then the relationship and romantic experiences ahead will also be authentic. Instead of moulding yourself to fit what you think someone else wants to find be true to yourself.