Weekly horoscope : Pisces

From Monday 10th December 2018 to Sunday 16th December 2018


While work/life balance tensions are set to come to a head almost as soon as the Sun returns to your home and family sector on Thursday, this comes just as playful forces are likely to start fighting back and as you start to sense that life is set to become a lot busier. The Moon's return to your work sector over the weekend, just as work/life balance tensions peak and just as Venus, on her own in a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart is starting to fight back will reveal the complex web the stars are creating. With clues to big work developments coming up and Venus determined to keep a playful and romantic spirit alive, all of a sudden work/life balance issues look more like an opportunity to create some clear boundaries, so that you really can have it all.


This is not an active week or even time of year for money matters, with the money gods more focused on keeping financial matters on track while letting income opportunities gestate, ready for when things come together professionally next month. Yet despite that, there is a new sense of confidence emerging on both fronts that doesn't need to be explained away. Sometimes you really do need to rely on blind faith, for if you perform an autopsy on a growing sense of financial confidence then you'll end up destroying what you're trying to explain. If you need an explanation it's the support that the subtle forces in play on both the income and financial fronts are supporting, the fact that they're not in conflict and you can intuitively sense the opportunities ahead.


While Venus, planet of love's second full week in your romantic sector is bringing a lot of romantic sentiment into play and the Moon's return on Thursday will add even more romantic sentiment, this isn't the love gods' most urgent focus. With the Sun, Mars and Mercury all due to move through your romantic sector over the coming months, the love gods know that Venus' romantic desires and expectations are in safe hands, with plenty of time to buy into the spirit of romance. Where there is real urgency is on the communication front, with a New Moon on Monday offering an opportunity for a fresh start, just 3 days before the Sun's departure takes all your support away. Considering the relationship journey ahead, having the communication lines open is vital and urgent.