Weekly horoscope : Leo

From Monday 10th December 2018 to Sunday 16th December 2018


A week that, starting with a New Moon in your career sector on Monday couldn't get off to a more professionally charged start, will see things drop back considerably and quite dramatically by the weekend. The Sun's departure from your career sector on Thursday will not only bring all the planetary activity here for the year to an end, but work forces are being put in their place over the weekend by Venus, who wants you to slow down and smell the coffee. Yet rather than fear you're going to lose your professional edge this is a chance to regroup, put your professional year on a more self sustaining path and ease back on the throttle. In the meantime, you've reached an important week for friendship and relationship building, with something special coming together over the weekend.


Thanks to the Moon's visit to your financial sector last week you've had a chance to sharpen your financial instincts, get your bearings and gain some valuable clues and hunches, but it was an alliance between Neptune and Venus over the weekend that has fuelled your financial confidence. This is something that you're able to hold close to your chest this week, keeping it nurtured and your imagination ticking over, but without any pressure to do anything with that. If anything the money gods are happy for you to keep your professional hat on, for they know that as they line up for the start of your luckiest income year in over a decade, which kicks off midyear, that getting on track professionally is a must. Monday's New Moon will be the kick start the professional and money gods need.


On Monday Saturn will move into his final 4 weeks in your romantic sector and while he'll return in September and will then spend the next 2 years here, in retrograde motion you have a chance to look back on and learn from the past. With Venus, planet of love moving through a nostalgic part of your chart she's also taking your heart on a nostalgic trip down love's memory lane and thanks to an alliance with dreamy Neptune over the weekend, is encouraging you to wear your rose coloured glasses. Your challenge is balancing the two, for while Venus is looking to recapture some of the lost magic Saturn is asking that you take responsibility for and to learn from the past. In the meantime, there is something special developing on the communication, relationship and friendship fronts this week.