Weekly horoscope : Gemini

From Monday 21st January 2019 to Sunday 27th January 2019


By the time the Sun returns to your sign on Thursday to begin your birthday month and new solar year this is set to be a mere technicality, for with your heart, mind and passions already engaged it has already begun in all but name. As was the case for Venus, Mercury and Mars when they returned to your sign, the Sun will also move straight into an opposition with Saturn in your relationship sector, for the first time in 28 years. Once again this will bring personal and/or relationship tensions to a head yet with Mercury turning retrograde on Tuesday and plenty of other support, this sets the scene for a communication and/or relationship breakthrough. There may also be some financial tension, especially over the weekend, but from this a new sense of resolve is being born.


As she moves into her second week in your income sector Venus is no longer on her own, as has been the case since returning earlier in the month. It's the Moon's return on Thursday, for what will be the first, last and only while Venus is in your income sector that will bring a nose for money into play and give you an intuitive read on the desires, expectations and a sense of entitlement she's triggering. This might be a mixed blessing, for just as Venus herself is moving towards an opposition with Pluto in your financial sector over the weekend, this Moon will add fuel to any building financial tension. Yet in reality this is good news, for with Pluto in his early weeks in retrograde motion this will give anything stuck a push, while giving income forces the motivation they need.


While it might seem to be the case that another week brings another round of personal and/or relationship tensions, this week there really is a chance to use this to your advantage, once and for all. It was only over the weekend that an opposition between Mars and Saturn once more brought personal and/or relationship tensions to a head and while things will ease back in the early days of the week, the Sun's return to your sign on Thursday is likely to see a flare up. As each planet returns to your sign they'll encounter an opposition with Saturn in your relationship sector, putting your personal and relationship needs into conflict, but in a way that demands that you are true to yourself and your relationships. By the end of the week the final hurdle will have been crossed.