Weekly horoscope : Capricorn

From Monday 10th December 2018 to Sunday 16th December 2018


Where there are challenges you'll often find opportunities and this week is living proof of that and you won't have to wait long to find evidence. As first Venus, Mercury and then Mars returned to your work sector they've all encountered an opposition with Saturn, for the first time in 28 years, a fate that the Sun will face when he returns on Thursday. Yet this coincides with a very auspicious coming together of income, work and career forces, ready to turn the pressure this creates and any wakeup calls this brings as a chance to turn things around. In the meantime, a New Moon on Monday in a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart is a reminder not to let life become all work and no play. Your relationships will also be demanding their share of your attention.


There is a David and Goliath battle playing out that is working to your advantage. The underdog is Ceres, a dwarf planet that is seemingly no match for giant Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system. With Jupiter in your financial sector and Ceres in your income sector the money gods should be weighted more towards money matters, yet that's not the reality this week and it's all because of the support income forces are getting from work and career forces. This is something that has been building since Ceres first returned to your income sector over Easter, but the culmination of what has been building on the income, work and career fronts since then is set to culminate by the end of the week, just as work pressure could turn into motivation and a real call to action.


In what might be a swansong the love gods are pulling out all the stops to not only make the Sun's final days in your romantic sector count, but the end of all planetary activity for the year. It begins with a New Moon in your romantic sector on Monday, with the Sun and Moon coming together in way that allows you to draw a new line in the sand, make a commitment to matters of the heart and the journey ahead. Riding on this are all the romantic desires and expectations Venus has left you with, all the romantic passions and fighting spirit Mars fuelled over recent weeks and with the voice Mercury has given your heart. With the Sun leaving on Thursday the love gods have a few days to convince you to embrace the spirit of romance, with the focus already shifting to your relationships.