Weekly horoscope : Cancer

From Monday 10th December 2018 to Sunday 16th December 2018


While there'll be times when you need to remain plugged in, for the most part a need to pace yourself deepens, especially when the Sun returns to an intuitive and imaginative part of your chart on Thursday. This is when the month long wind down of your old solar year begins, a time when there's a need to reflect, make sense of the journey the past has taken you on and take time to hear yourself think. This is something that began before the Sun even gets here, but Mercury's retrograde turn on Tuesday will take this to a deeper and more nostalgic level. Yet with Venus already in your sign and your heart looking to the future you're already losing your taste for navel gazing. What is clear though is you'll need to pace yourself, with the pace of previous months no longer sustainable.


While there is a growing sense of confidence and optimism on the income front there is also a sense that you need to wait, with things not really coming together until Venus returns to your income sector early next month. Yet already there is a growing sense of financial confidence and it's got less to do with money coming in or outside influences and more because your attitudes to money are not only changing, but your overall priorities as well. You're starting to wake up to the fact that happiness and quality of life can be influenced by the amount of money you have, but they don't define you. You're waking up to the things that are of real value and chances are they include family and peace of mind. Chances are you're wealthier than you realise, depending on which currency you focus on.


As you move into the new week there is likely to be a new sense of confidence in the air, made even more buoyant by a New Moon in a social and serendipitous part of your chart on Monday, 4 weeks to the day before Saturn is due to retrograde back into your romantic sector. With Venus already in your sign, long before your old solar year even moves into its final stage and with Pluto holding the door open to second chances on the relationship front, the future is all of a sudden feeling ripe with both second chances and new opportunities. Yet don't be surprised or alarmed if personal and/or relationship tensions rise later in the week, with an opposition between Venus and Pluto providing the kind of checks and balances the planet of love will put your relationships through once a year.