Weekly horoscope : Aquarius

From Monday 10th December 2018 to Sunday 16th December 2018


Thanks to an alliance between income and work forces over the weekend there is not only a new sense of professional and financial confidence, but a sense that the professional gods are waking up. While Venus is still exploring your options on the work front, as she's the vanguard for powerful forces that will follow in her footsteps and some major developments on the career front next month, this is just a small taste of things to come. Yet as they sense that the professional gods are starting to wake up planets your fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart are likely to start fighting back, determined to find a balance between work and play while they can. Playful forces are enlisting the aid of adventurous forces in an alliance that will peak over the weekend.


The biggest danger you and your financial confidence face as you move into the new week is dismissing its significance, especially if you try and reality check it. For the reality is that the confidence you're emerging into the week with can't be explained, with an alliance between Neptune in your income sector and Venus in your work sector having spoken to your imagination, whispering a sense of what's possible in your ear. The biggest danger is seeing this as simply pipe dreams, which if you run them through reality filters are likely to disappear in the wash. Instead some blind faith is required, not just to keep your confidence buoyant, but because they know what lies ahead and how this is built on anything but false hope. Trust that the professional and money gods know what you don't.


Jupiter, on his own in your relationship sector until Venus returns early next month, is happy to wait his turn and to have the attention stolen by romantic forces this week, knowing that your relationships are in safe hands. In the meantime, with Mars spending his first full week in your romantic sector, Mercury turning retrograde here on Tuesday and opening the door to second chances, the Moon moving through midweek and the Sun returning on Thursday, the spirit of romance will be impossible to avoid. While this might not be plain sailing, this is more likely to be wakeup calls, challenging your excuses. With your romantic passions and fighting spirit engaged and the doors opening to both new opportunities and second chances, it's time to start fighting for what you want from love.