Divination by eggs, and what it can unveil for you

Oomancy divination by eggs (also called ovomancy) – used to be one of the most widespread divination methods. But what kind of answers can you expect from that rather unusual practice, nowadays?


How to practice oomancy

This very ancient form of divination is both easy, and quite complex. It is easy because you only need an egg and a water container. But it is quite complex to interpret.

If you personally want to try this divinatory practice, the hardest part will be to learn how to interpret it. All you have to do is to break an egg and pour the egg white in a glass or bowl full of warm (or lukewarm) water.

Some people say you should pour the entire egg – egg white and yolk. But the most common form of oomancy only uses the egg white. Then you need to look at the shapes your egg white will display in the water as it solidifies.


What kind of answers can you get from divination by eggs? 

Just let your intuition talk, listen to your deep feelings and imagination.

Any experienced oomancer can interpret the shapes that appear in the glass of water in detail, and link them to the specific questions you have asked. It might be a question about your personal future, or related to a third person (your significant other, etc.).


How can you interpret a divination by eggs? 

Here are a few examples of signs and their interpretations:

  • A long shape will be interpreted as the sign of some upcoming romantic meeting.
  • A star will herald any obstacle to come.
  • A round and very even shape will usually be interpreted as a positive answer to any question asked, or more generally as a very auspicious sign.
  • Regarding bean-like shapes, they should be interpreted as the upcoming arrival of a baby in the family.

How you can learn the sex of a baby through oomancy 

Indeed, ovomancy has always been used to predict the sex of a pregnant woman’s baby. This practice most likely used to be the only way to know the sex of a child before birth.
But should a pregnant woman still want to use that divinatory practice these days, here is how she should proceed:

  • The mother-to-be should be at least 3 months pregnant.
  • She should fill a large glass (or clear container) with lukewarm rainwater.
  • She should take that container in her hands and charge it with her personal magnetism, while staring at the container and focusing on the energy running through her hands.
  • Then she should pour a fresh egg white in the container, and cover it with a white cotton cloth.
  • She should leave the covered container on her bedside table for 9 consecutive days, and then remove the cloth.


The shape that appears in the water container should be relatively easy to interpret in order to determine the sex of the baby:

  • If a kind of “umbilical cord” extended from the clotted shape in the water: it should be a boy.
  • If no “cord” of any kind is clearly visible, then it should be a girl.

It might be ancient, but there is still room for that divination method these days. Oomancy might be very accessible on a technical standpoint, it remains quite complex to interpret. However, with a few points of reference, it is possible to spot some partial answers!

Author: Igor Leroy

In parallel to my psychology studies, I developed a fascination for the symbolic dimension of tarot reading. I was lucky enough to be trained by a famous reader, and I gained a solid expertise in the world of tarot, and more generally in the various supports for divination. Today, it allows me to quickly decipher the messages hidden within the arcana, and within other clairvoyance tools as well. I have been writing articles on 7-astrostreet for several months now, in order to share my passion with a large audience.

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