The month of January corresponds to the Capricorn astrological sign

Capricorn is the astrological sign belonging to those who were born between December 22 and January 20. This sign is related to the Earth, just like Taurus and Virgo. It is governed by the planet Saturn. The colors that are in vibratory harmony with this sign are grey, dark green and black.  

Capricorn, a zodiac sign endowed with great shrewdness

capricorn-signGifted with a sharp intellect and great analytical abilities, Capricorn people usually follow a path that lives up to their expectations. By contrast, they will hesitate for a long time before opening up to others because they are not of an extrovert nature.

Therefore, they prefer to remain distant and stay in the background. But those who manage to bring them out of their “shells” and rid them of their shyness will be happy to discover a sensitive, extremely pleasant and kind nature.

People born under this astrological sign need time for themselves, for their research, to develop their thoughts and strategies. They often get bored of social chitchat and stay away from what they deem to be “useless bustle”.

The qualities that characterize the Capricorn astral sign

Their discretion and quiet temperament are doubtlessly part of their greatest qualities. Capricorns are not extrovert and loud chatterboxes who tell everything that happens in their lives to anyone. They prefer to carefully choose their interlocutors and partners to be sure they establish a relationship of trust between them.

They are extremely reassuring and know how to combine discipline and iron will to achieve their goals. Capricorns are often role models in terms of efficiency and perseverance, both at work and when in family.

They are extremely patient and do not easily get discouraged when faced with troubles. It’s very unlike Capricorn people to throw in the towel because they know success is only a matter of time.

Shortcomings of people born under the Capricorn astrological sign

Their ambition and rigorous discipline may cause them to develop excessive rigidity. The border between rigor and austerity is very thin and may sometimes be crossed.

Borne by the impulse of their goals and their willpower, they tend to neglect their loved ones and not to care enough about them. This is not due to some natural coldness or egotism but rather to some negligence, which Capricorn people often hasten to rectify.

Author: Michel Mas

"The royal art of the stars” has been a passion of mine since I was a child. I started to study astrology about fifteen years ago. I found astrology to be a very efficient and astonishingly lively instrument to provide us with understanding of the core dynamics of human beings. After offering personalized consultations in my practice for 10 long years, today I write horoscopes and online articles.

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